Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Author Spotlight: Mardi Maxwell with Harris Channing

Her Viking Dom (The Doms of Club Mystic 7)
Mardi Maxwell 

While on a mission in Colombia, Thor Larkin did the one thing he swore he’d never do...he dropped his guard and gave into his desire for a woman. A night of passion with Marisol Rios ended when Carlos Mendez and his men broke into their room and took them captive.

Imprisoned on Mendez’s barge, Thor protects Marisol by drawing Mendez’s rage away from her and toward himself. The beatings he’s taken have left him injured and burning with fever.

Marisol demands that Thor stop protecting her and he refuses. Left with few choices she does everything she can to keep him from pushing Mendez too far. The last thing she wants is to be separated from Thor, or to have him sacrifice his life to save hers.

Thor swore he'd never love a woman, but Marisol’s faith in him and her determination to survive have cracked the walls around his heart. When she confesses her love for him they crumble completely.  With time running out, he’s forced to face his feelings for her. Is it lust? Love? Or, both?

Pre-order: February 10, 2018
Release Date: February 21, 2018  

Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and Google Play Books sometime in late May / early June 2018. 

Author Bio:
Some people are great bakers (thank you, I love pastries). Some people are great artists (thank you, I love lots of color and beautiful landscapes). I'm just an ordinary person who happens to write a book every now and then. One of the things I love about writing is the research I get to do. I intend to be a lifetime learner (you might run into me at a local university while I audit a class - no more tests or tuition for me lol). I read just about anything although my two favorite genres (right now) are romance and end of world novels (zombies, EMPs, CMEs, etc.).

I like unplanned road trips with frequent, unexpected stops to see interesting things (like that 13' alligator in Mississippi). I believe in UFOs, ghosts, and that sometimes when things go bump in the night there really might be a monster under the bed. I like novels with lots of laughs, a few tears and a happy ending so that's what I write as well. When I'm not writing I'm having fun with my family and friends.

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How to design a book cover…or at least how I design a book cover!
Harris Channing

First, talk to the author.  They generally have an idea as to what they want.  Many times, like Mardi Maxwell, they have images they want used on their cover. 

Today we’ll be discussing her upcoming release Her Viking Dom

Along with her cover questionnaire she sent me two pictures of her hero and heroine.

Aren’t they pretty?

But wait…Thor doesn’t play the guitar.  And this is a hot, steamy read, right?  So we’re going to need something…like a bare, muscly chest. 

So, how to do that….

I know, lets hunt for a hot bod set roughly at the same angle as our guitar man. A few cuts here, a soft eraser there…some shadowing and we get this…

Not too shabby…but his hair is too dark.  Let’s lighten it a bit…he needs to be blond…there we go. He is looking so good.

Next we move on to his lady love. So, with a few cuts here and some soft erasing there we have her all cut out and ready to go.

Now for the choice of a background…Nothing too much to draw attention away from the main characters.  For this one, since it’s BDSM, I chose a ‘dungeon’ style setting.

And with that decision made I place the characters on the background. Added a little shadowing. Lightened his hair just a bit more and here’s my ‘rough draft’. 

The next step is some finishing touches. I have some special filters that I use…but those are my secret, and after layering several of those, this is what I came up with.

Ultimately, I lightened this just a little for the final product.

Now we’re ready for the finishing touches.  Fonts and title and author name placement as well as any series name. For Mardi, I chose bold fonts and simple white font styles for a clean, strong title and name.  Lots of artists prefer more colorful font styles and I have been known to use those as well.  But by far, I prefer the white fonts.  They generally show up better when the covers are shrunk to smaller sizes.

 See what I mean?

So there you have it. Harris Channing’s cover art process.  I hope you enjoyed the journey.

If you have any questions or would like me to design your next cover, please contact me at  Or visit my website at