Sunday, 25 January 2015

In Support of Michael Stokes Photography

Stop harassment and bullying online
Stop censoring artistic photographs






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  1. I hosted a Google+ collection in praise of the human body and our sexuality. In particular, I supported those who were disfigured by disease, birth defect, injury, violence, and war. I posted beautiful photos of women who were brave enough to pose following mastectomy. I supported the right of the disabled to express their sexuality without shame. Part of the collection was an album of beautiful pictures of wounded vets, taken by Michael Stokes. Someone (I don't know who) decided that my collection offended public decency and when I logged in a few days ago, my entire collection was gone. There were over 300 posts in it, some consisting of articles I authored myself.

    I cannot fathom the small-minded arrogance of people who set themselves up as the guardians of public morals. I have begun again, with a blog on a platform that allows free expression. I wonder how these people would feel to be told they were unfit to be seen by the public, because that is exactly the message they are sending with their censorship.