Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Release Day!!!

Hey ladies and gents! It's RELEASE DAY!!!!! The second book in my Unrequited Trilogy is finally here! I am so excited right now it's unreal. I am so glad I am able to do this, thank you everyone for your support. I wouldn't be here without you! 

Following the difficult trials leading to their newfound relationship, Tristan and Joshua thought things would get easier. They had fought their dark pasts together, and made a vow to never allow them to control their lives again.

Now a whole new kind of complication has arrived to test their loyalty and trust. A sexy complication in the form of Logan Mclean.

Lust, lies and emotions run rampant as the Scottish businessman wedges himself between the lovers. Have Tristan and Joshua truly laid the ghosts of their pasts to rest, or will they allow another’s desires to ruin everything? For in this ever growing world of emotion, one step can lead to either complete happiness, or an ultimate betrayal.

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