Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Author Spotlight; James Wood

Domination and Submission

In the stories of James Wood, a cast of characters live out their lives in the fictional town of Grand Falls. Themes of domination and submission are woven into tales of sensual depravity. Each episode draws the reader further into a world of dark forbidden pleasures – a world in which to immerse oneself and surrender to temptation.

Paula's Place

Little did I think, when I returned to Grand Falls, that my life would utterly change. Where once I was hollow, now I am full. Where I doubted of the existence of love, now it holds me tight in its grip. I am no longer the innocent girl; I am blissful, complete, and knowing. He has opened my eyes to the world. I am his and I have flowered.

Yet before you can hope to understand of what I speak, we must return to the beginning...

This is Paula's story - a steamy, explicit erotic romance of surrender and dark passions. Paula is drawn to a handsome neighbour with secrets in his past, but it is her own hidden fantasies that come to life as he pays his attentions to her. Paula has not only found a lover, she's found herself, her heart ... her Place.

I am no longer the innocent girl; I am blissful, complete, and knowing.

Paula is drawn into her lover's world of domination and submission, where sensation and lust commingle with intimacy and trust. Paula has never experienced so much from another; nor given so much of herself. As Paula surrenders not only her body but her heart, she recalls her lover's warning: If you stay, there will be no leaving.

I am no longer the innocent girl... I belong to him.

Paula's romance with her handsome neighbor has led to her submissive awakening, but she struggles to reconcile her inescapable feelings with her concern that things are going too fast. Then too there are unanswered questions both about Max's past and Paula's future. As her slide towards bliss only gathers pace, how will their love affair end? Does she even have a choice, or is her submission complete?

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