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Author Spotlight; Kallie Renae

Hello, my darlings. Today I am joined by the lovely Kallie Renae, a close friend and up and coming author of paranormal and contemporary romance. Now let us have a little chat and show my girl some love.

Amara: So, Kallie, why don’t you start by telling us how your interest in writing originated?

Kallie: Hello everyone. Thank you for having me here today. Well, to be honest, I never thought I had a huge interest in writing before a few years ago. I wrote small, minor things, mostly poetry while growing up. You know, to empty out the emotions of life that would build up. I was an enormous reader though. I loved being sucked into different worlds, no matter what genre it was. My blossoming love of writing came around four years ago when I stumbled upon what is called roleplaying, of course with words though. I mean how awesome is it to see some of your most beloved book characters and created from anew characters come to life, in a sense, and be able to interact with them. It opened up my imagination to epic proportions. From there, I was like...Hey, I can do that. I mean I always had people in my head, screaming at me that they lived some crazy lives, been through some crazy things. I simply just ignored them for the most. I know, shameful right. Anyways, my beloved stories, beloved characters and worlds have been the forefront of my life since.

Amara: Ah, kindred spirits you and I. I know exactly what you mean, and of course I also know how amazing your RP is, it’s where I fell in love. Anywho, can you tell us a little about your current work in progress?

Kallie: Ah, I would love to. Tristan Alieus is his name, and this male has been a stubborn but very important part of my life for years now. He lives in a world of chaos which we have both laughed and cried in, and I have begun to chronicle his life in the first of three books 'Chronicles of Madness: Hell's Burden.' Believe me, it’s a very complicated life.

Tristan wanted no part of the war between Heaven and Hell. He wanted a peaceful life, a simple life yet a life that was filled with magic. Too bad none of those things were in his stars. Torn from his happiness, through intended and unintended destiny, his only comfort now was a never ending battle against Heaven, Hell and Himself.

Amara: *le sigh* As a fangirl of Mr. Alieus I cannot wait to get my grubby hands on him, *cough* I mean his books! Hehe. What initially inspired you to write this book?

Kallie: A lot actually. Tristan carries many traits of myself and moments of my life. I'll let you all figure out which belong to him and which belong to me. *wink* Paths taken, emotions felt and happiness/chaos lost and found, I believe are a stronghold of many people’s daily lives. Some to lower degrees of others, and some to higher. Those moments to me should never be truly buried. I simply created a more fascinating outlet to showcase them all.

Amara: Was there any specific reason you choose this genre?

Kallie: I would have to say yes. To me, I think that when people hear the word paranormal, they instinctively think...perfection. Let me explain that more. Paranormal automatically brings about Gods and Goddess', vampires and werewolves, witches and ghosts and everything in between, but it also brings about immunity. Immune to pain. Immune to loss. Immune to love. In a sense, immune to normal. I want to show normal. I want to show the world that you can have someone who is magical, who is paranormal incarnate but still have and feel the humanity that can lift us up and cut us down like no other.

Amara: No truer words, my lovely. Tell us, is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Kallie: Oh yes! Am I allowed to say 'writing itself.' lol. I'm kidding. I would have to say the hardest part of my writing is when I get into the emotional side of the story. The private moments that any person would willingly choose to keep to themselves because they either hurt so much or elated you so much. Not the sex, I tend to think I'm pretty decent at that part *wink wink* but the heart clenching moments, the can't-see-straight-because-I'm-crying-like-Niagra-Falls moments. The real moments. Those are the times that I become so closed off from everything and everyone that being able to actually write is nil impossible.

Amara: What do you hope to achieve from publishing Tristan’s story?

Kallie: Reality moment but ultimately that's an easy one. I hope to encourage. I hope to engage even just one person to see past the existential expectations of what others hold you to, and become happy with yourself as you stay true to yourself. Wrong choices, right choices and all. If I can enthrall your mind and heart with some crazy madness and a hot, hunky male while doing that then score for me.

Amara: You’ve won my heart already, babe, believe me. I am Tristan’s! Okay, where do you see things heading for our guy in the future?

Kallie: Ohhhh, well I can't give away too much now can I, but I can tell you that Tristan's journey takes many turbulent turns and maybe just maybe, his final destination will lead him to the peace he always wanted.

That sound perfect to me. As I’ve said a million time over, this is one story I cannot wait to read. I love this character and see many great things in both your futures. Thank you for stopping by today, my lovely. I wish you all the best in the upcoming months and with your submission of Tristan’s story.

Chaos was nothing new to Tristan Aleius. He had lived it in full force since the age of thirteen. The age that his life changed irrevocably once he became open to his families true lineage. Magic. Yet when one has a bounty on his head by all of Hell, simple chaos doesn't cover anything anymore.

Life after the so called end of the world was anything but, and as Tristan struggled to live and struggled to forget, he would be faced with much more than he could have ever imagined.

Can one man face his own personal demons alongside thousands of other real ones, and come out in one piece? Or will Fate truly be his burden alone to bare?

     He woke with a start, a shock at the clamoring around him. Tristan heard multiple voices through the haze of his slumber. He let out a long, growling sigh. Man, it had just been a dream. Mind you, a fucked up tenth circle of hell dream, but a dream none the less.

     "Tristan! Tristan! Damnit, T, wake up!"

     Tristan blinked rapidly at his brothers annoyed voice. What was his deal? Would he never get a peaceful rest? Considering the way Stephen was rattling his brain in his skull, he reckoned not. Ignoring the nails embedded in his palm he glared up at his brother.

     "What? Geezus Christ, Stephen" Tristan grumbled. "Can't you leave me alone for more than five minutes to sleep?"

     He brushed his brother‘s arm off, moving to sit up from lying on the floor, however, Tristan was stopped when broad palms slammed into his chest.

     "Fuck you, Tristan, you should be dead and all you want to do is still be a dick." Stephen said in a harsh voice. His jaw was clenched in anger, but as Tristan opened his eyes fully, he could see his baby brother struggling to hold back tears. More tears by the look of his puffy, red face.

     What the hell was this fool talking about? Did his brother want him dead or some shit? He thought they had a pretty good relationship but by the sound of Stephens voice, he might have to rethink that.
Tristan stared at Stephen for a long minute, his eyes burned a deep hole into his brothers as he tried to figure out what had gotten into his brother. The eyes never could lie.

     When Stephen finally broke the stare down by tugging him into a bear hug from hell, Tristan pushed his sibling away, choked from the lack of air. "Stop being such a girl,dude. There's people around" he called out.

     Stephen laughed, although begrudgingly, and stood. He tossed his hand out to help Tristan up,but he had already caught a glimpse of the travesty around them. His arms rested on his drawn up knees, hands close to fists while his eyes scanned the remnants of what used to be their house.

     "What...hap...?" He couldn't get the rest of his question out as pain slammed into him, and his body began to hum with a purple glow as energy. He could feel it soar through his veins, empowering him. Just as the whispered gasps and whispers reached his ears 'He's at it again.' 'Isn't their deaths enough.' 'No remorse.'

     Stephen caught Tristan’s arm just as he went to throw that energy upward, and call the rain down to earth. His concentration of magic was in tune with his emotions, and escalated his desperate need to wash away whatever damage he had caused. “It. Wasn’t. Your. Fault. Tristan.” His brother enunciated. Pausing between each word to give it all time to sink past his barrier that he had erected.

     “Father?” Tristan mumbled though he truly didn't care about him at the moment. Stephen shook his head as if saying no. "Momma?" he whispered, as he locked stares with the younger version of himself. He felt numb as the question lingered in the air between them. "Dead. Tristan." Again, Stephen spoke slowly, clearly, and with a stoic voice that showed no caring. As if he knew it was the only way he could break through to his brother without adding fuel to his emotional fire. Only his mother knew the truth of Tristan’s abilities, because the ass he called daddy would use it against them, and only she knew how to calm him down in the midst of an episode like he was in. But Stephen knew. How? His brother stepped back slowly, again and again until he was as far away as he could get without losing the physical touch Tristan needed to maintain.

     Tristan lowered his eyelids, the assault on his senses was too much for him to handle. His magical control hadn't yet been fully figured out. He heard the words of conviction his brother kept telling him in the back of his mind, but he knew in his heart that it was all lies. It had to be. Nothing else made sense. Well a lot of things made no sense but-

     He had done something, he just couldn't remember what. So he flexed his fingers and gradually rewrapped each one tightly around his younger brother’s wrist, shifting his magic to split between the two males. He didn't want any of this anymore. The pain, the sorrow, the confusion. As he released his magic he let out a breath. Both brother’s stared at the connection, holding back tears as they watched it flow and meld together, bonding them, before they dropped to the ground.

     In silence just like his magic. Forevermore.

The inspirational face behind Tristan


Author Bio:
In a world of Madness, Kallie finds her serenity in the lives of her beloved; both in the real world, and that of her mind. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Georgia, in a small town which she can only describe as country within the city.

She has always loved reading and writing - exploring a single thought, then expanding that thought into a world of her creation, where her lovable characters can thrive; be it in joy, happiness, pain or sorrow.

Her only wish to enrapture and awe the world with her tales of love, loss and redemption.

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