Friday, 26 May 2017

Author Spotlight: Mackenzie Williams


Released: Thursday, June 8th

Genre: Erotic Consensual BDSM Paranormal Romance

Riley Harris has been abducted and tied to a tree in a dark forest. She knows exactly why, too. Riley has a mark on her skin that could easily be mistaken for an ordinary scar, but she knows the truth. She is marked for a shifter.

Jordan Ward and his two brothers are triplet wolf shifters. On their Prime birthday, they are finally allowed to claim their marked mates. Jordan has watched Riley from afar for too long, but when an enemy clan shows up in his forest, it creates more chaos than he needs.

Riley isn't exactly thrilled about being abducted and claimed by a shifter, even if he is gorgeous. Can Jordan convince Riley that being his marked slave is a good thing? Will his biggest enemy or a painful secret from the past ruin everything?

Riley twisted against the ropes. “Let me go! I’m no one’s slave!”

She tried to get to her feet, but her legs were cramping. She pulled again on her wrists and the rope bit into her skin. Riley grunted in pain as two of the brothers neared her. The younger one with slightly messy hair bent down before her.

He placed a warm hand on her bare shoulder. Riley didn’t know if it was just the warmth or if the feeling was coming from him, but instant calm ran through her. She stopped moving and stared into his emerald eyes.

“I take it you know who we are.” His face was emotionless.

“Yes, shifters.”

The brother with blue eyes then knelt next to him. “Not just shifters. The Ward brothers.”

Riley shifted on her knees on the cold ground. “Yes, I know who you are.”

Her Master then walked up to stand behind his brothers. “Let’s go. We can do introductions once we get her somewhere warm. Can’t you two sense her discomfort?”

The youngest man tilted his head, still keeping eye contact with her. He was deep in thought and Riley wished she could hear his inner dialogue. Finally, the other shifter untied the rope. When her hands were free, she brought them around to her lap.

Pain radiated down her sore arms. Riley moaned again while leaning forward. She heard the brother who was standing growl. The sound seemed to bleed into her. Riley whimpered, partly from pain and partly in response to him.

The two men kneeling before her then stood. While still bent forward, she lifted her head to watch them slowly step backward a few steps. Then the blue glowing orb went out. It was pitch black in the forest again and a cold breeze ran over her skin.

“Hello?” She couldn’t see anything except a few outlines of trees. A slow panic tightened her chest.

Riley was unsure if she was allowed to get up or if she was supposed to wait on the cold ground. She sat up straighter and started to rub her wrists. They were raw and she whimpered softly. Suddenly movement caught her eye. Two things were strolling a few feet from her.

Shit. Wolves. Riley stopped moving, but her breathing sped up, causing her chest to rise and fall rapidly. Her eyes had adjusted some to the darkness so she could now barely make out two large, white wolves. They both paced back and forth in front of her.

Riley slowly inched back toward the tree for security. Another cold breeze blew through her long hair and she shivered, still watching the pacing animals. Where was the third brother? His voice then startled her. She jumped as he stepped forward, just in front of his brothers. He was still in his commanding human form.

“Riley, pet. I need to get you back to my home. Are we doing this the easy or hard way?”

What? These fucking shifters. “Easy way? What the hell? What about being kidnapped and brought to the forest sounds like the easy way?”

Riley put her hand on the tree behind her and started to push herself up. Her legs faltered and she fell forward. More pain ran through her as her legs stiffened from the cold and from being tied to the tree for so long. She inhaled sharply and tried to stand again.

“Fine. The hard way.” Her apparent Master stepped forward.

The next thing Riley new, he was grabbing her and pulling her toward his chest. She grunted loudly while trying to push him back. He was obviously too strong for her. He swiftly lifted her over his shoulder. Riley started to kick her legs in protest, but he didn’t slow his movements.

“Put me down! Seriously, I’m not your fucking property!”

He growled and tightened his grip on her. “Untrue.”

Riley huffed out an irritated breath as she raised her head just enough to see the two white wolves start to run off. She wondered if her Master was going to transform while holding her. He didn’t. He effortlessly carried her through the woods. After several minutes of twisting and kicking, Riley finally gave in to her fate and just laid still on his shoulder.

He never spoke to her. He carried her for what seemed like hours. Riley soon started to doze off. She was aware that this trip would be much faster as a four-legged animal. He wasn’t changing for her, she guessed. Was it for her comfort or for her level of fear? She didn’t know, but it was the first good feeling she had had about this man.

Riley was awoken suddenly when the man carrying her stopped walking and then she heard a large clicking noise. She twisted her body to see that they were at a log cabin. The man was opening the door. He carried her inside and Riley felt like she was in another dimension.

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