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A Month of Romance - Alexandra Marell

Welcome, my lovelies. Today I’m very lucky to be joined by the amazing Alexandra Marell, author of historical romance, Into the Dark With You.

Author Bio:
As a romance author I particularly like writing detailed stories, tightly focused on the main characters and their emotional journey. I write under two pen names, Alexandra Marell and adult rated romance as C A Nicks. I'm in the process of re-branding most of my titles under my Alexandra Marell pen name - basically to make life easier. I’m addicted to buying pianos and on dark and stormy nights you’ll find me in some old castle or mansion chasing ghosts as part of a paranormal investigation team.

Contact Alexandra:


Hi, hun. Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Why don’t you start by telling us something about yourself, and your background?
Hi, and thanks so much for hosting this event. I was born in an Italian seaside town on the beautiful Mediterranean sea. (The place on which I based my Island of Sorellina romance series). But I’ve lived in the UK all my life. I’ve worked as a teacher and also been a founder partner of the epublisher Linden Bay Romance. Later I was co founder of Alinar Publishing an indie author co op. So indie publishing is something I’ve been a champion of since 2005. I write in a variety of romance genres but all my stories are very close up and tightly focused on the couple and the ups and down on their path to finding that happy ever after.

What inspired you to write?
Buffy the vampire slayer! I read a fanfiction back in 2003, I think it was. Feels like the dark ages now, LOL. So I emailed the author to say I’d enjoyed her work and she’d inspired me to write my own. I asked very humbly if she’d consider beta reading my effort and she very graciously agreed. That was the start of a great friendship and also years of tremendous fun. In 2005 I made the leap to original fiction and epublishing and I have to say the experience of writing fanfiction, the editing, publishing, fielding reviews and the promo involved was a great foundation for jumping into the world of original fiction epublishing.

I know quite a few ladies who enjoyed the Buffy fanfiction, and they are amazing authors, just like yourself. What genre are your books, and what drew you to this genre?
Vampires and shifters, obviously. See Buffy above. My paranormal beings are the angsty, torn kind, walking in two worlds as they always seem to fall for humans. Best summed up by my latest tagline, when a vampire loves a human, time is always the enemy. I’ve written contemporary, fantasy and historical romance and a space opera, which was a lot of fun to write. I love exploring ghostly and mystical elements, which is a variation on that walking in two conflicting worlds. For me, that’s where the drama and tension of the story comes from. Characters are often faced with that eternal question, will he/she come into my world or must I go to hers/his? I’m a member of a paranormal investigation team, which involves sitting in spooky old houses and castles, etc, so writing ghostly elements into my romances is a natural step away from that.

I've always loved that you do the paranormal investigation stuff. It's so cool. Hehe. So, what have you written to date?
  • Vampires loving humans series  (ongoing, adult rated)
  • Can I Keep You – Victorian historical
  • Can I Love You Again – Contemporary with past life/ghostly elements.
  • Can I Rock You – Contemporary, work in progress
  • Can I Keep You Now – Future title, sequel to Can I Keep You
  • Lords of the Dark Fall Series – (Complete, fantasy romance, adult rated)
  • Fabian
  • Marcellus
  • Moon Child Series (complete, fantasy romance with wolf shifters, adult rated)
  • Moon Child’s Wish
  • Lupine
  • Tian’s Guardian
  • Wolves of Hadon Moor – ongoing, focus on the Hadon pack of shifters with generational stories starting with the English civil war up to the present day
  • Wolf Christmas – late Victorian historical
  • Island of Sorellina Series (ongong ,contemporary with mystical elements, milder rating)
  • The Cursed Princess
  • Siren Sweetly Singing
  • Stanalones and free reads
  • In The Dark With You – Set in 1835, historical romance, moderate rating
  • Something Worth Fighting For – Contemporary, moderate rating
  • Free reads on my website
  • Setting Him Free – Contemporary, couple stranded in rainforest after plane crash
  • Waiting For Eternity – Contemp with WW2 flashbacks, ghost story
  • The Heart Wants – Contemp with WW2 flashback ghost story
  • To Protect a Prince – space opera. Unfinished series so offering it free
  • The Interview series – Contemp vampire / human romance, verging on the erotic

I have read six of your books, and have a few other titles in my TBR pile. Have to say, my favourite to date are Can I Keep You and In The Dark With You. -le sigh- So, what are you working on at the minute?
Sequels to my ongoing series -
I’m 20k words into Can I Rock You  - vampires loving humans series. This one features a mega rock star from the 1960’s who was turned into a vampire at an after gig party. Jump to the present day and he’s trying to lay low after being accused of killing everyone at said party, while my heroine is determined to write a best seller exposing every aspect of the scandal of what happened that night, and putting herself in danger into the bargain.

The next Island of Sorellina book will be titled, The Wedding Ghost and feature the Villa Cristina resident ghost – a woman jilted at the altar and determined to interfere in the wedding taking place at the villa.

I also want to get back to the Wolves of Hadon Moor as I love the generational slant of the stories and want to write the origin story of how the Pack took possession of the moor as reward for helping Charles the second escape England during the civil war. This book will feature the local witch hunts that took place around the east Lancashire moors (the Pendle witches were a precursor to the Salem witches. Apparently during the Salem trials the prosecutors studied the outcome of the Pendle Witch trials here in England).

In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about writing
Definitely the discipline of getting regular words on the page. I never lack for ideas. If plotting was an Olympic sport, I’d win a gold medal. However, life in general also has a claim on my time and then there are all those cute cat and piano videos to watch on the internet... I’m a complete piano junkie. Joking aside, I think an indie author’s biggest hurdle is a lack of deadlines, other than those we set ourselves. And of course, those can be easily moved.

Where do you find your inspiration?
From the idea that everyone has a soul-mate (sometimes more than one) and our task here on this earthly plane, or in the far reaches of space is the same – to find that place where you can lay down our head and rest, knowing our search is over.

Of all the books you have written, who is your favourite character and why?
Marcellus of the Dark Fall series. His brother Fabian was King, tyrant and omnipotent. That left Marcellus the role of playboy prince so I was able to give him a more cynical, lighthearted outlook on life. Two immortals, stripped of their immortality and now vulnerably human in a different time and place. He was a lot of fun to write.

If there was only one of your books you could will people to buy, which would it be?
Waiting for Eternity. It’s a free read on my website, a four hankie weepie and one of my readers actually read the ending as a eulogy at her aunt’s funeral. That’s very humbling!

Wow, that is very humbling. Now I need to go and read that. Tell us, where can you see yourself in five years time?
I’ve just helped my photographer son set up, a website dedicated to cover image photography. I’d love to see that going strong and me still finding time to write. I’d also love to see my current series finished hehe.

Is there anything would like to say, or any advice you would give, to any aspiring writers or your fans?
Yes, lose expectation and embrace intent instead. Expectation can lead to sitting around waiting for others to fulfil our dreams for us and then subsequent disappointment when they aren’t mind readers because how can they know what we desire? Intent on the other hand is the process of strongly visualising our goals and then doing what it takes to make them happen.

Final question, and it’s an important one. . . Which do you prefer? Chocolate or Caramel?
Chocolate all the way!

Good answer! Hehe and thank you for joining me today!


Alexandra is giving away an ebook copy of one of the titles listed below to two lucky followers. All you have to do for a chance to win is comment on this post. Alexandra will chose the two lucky winners at random! Don't forget to leave your email address with your comment in order to claim your prize!


Two immortal lords from a distant world are made to take the Dark Fall, a rift that cycles through time and space. The series follows their new lives as humans in a strange time and place, and the women they meet who might just take the sting out of losing their immortality. In book one, former ruler and tyrant Fabian meets Tig, a poor potter trying to survive in a land ruled by gangs and warlords.Once immortal, tyrant and ruler of all he surveyed, Fabian Lucimanticus of the distant planet of Anxur is vanquished in battle and made to take the Dark Fall – an abyss that cycles through time and dimensions. With no idea where in the universe he will land, he endures a thousand years of purgatory, loses his immortality and grows a very unwanted conscience. Now human and alone in a strange time and place, he vows to rise again, find his brother Marcellus, who jumped with him, and regain what he’s lost. But first he needs to find a mage strong enough to magic him home. Instead, he gets Tig, a poor potter trying to survive life in a land ruled by warlords and marauding gangs.

When she finds Fabian, naked and disorientated in the desert, Tig’s first thought is to turn him in to the local warlord to a fate of almost certain death or slavery. Her second thought is that his family might pay a handsome reward for his safe return. But as she grows closer to this confused, displaced warrior, she wonders if she can ever let him go.

Fabian wants only to find his brother, go home, and regain his status and immortality. But his new human conscience and meeting with Tig makes him question everything he ever held dear. Can a tyrant really reform? If he found a mage strong enough to get him home will he go, knowing he would have to leave Tig behind?


When Kane picks up a runaway on the streets of Victorian England his only thought is to have a few days of amusement and a decent meal. He is a vampire, after all – it’s what he does.

But Laura has to be the most unconvincing whore he’s ever met. She soon finds out that there are ways other than brute force and strength to bring a vampire to his knees. 

As they fall in love, she becomes the catalyst for his astonishing journey of redemption, bringing back all-too-painful memories of Harry, the gentle man he once was. It’s not an easy road. Along the way they encounter forces of evil that have other plans for Laura and Kane. And the question neither of them really wants to answer hovers in the background. 

Does he turn her into a vampire like himself and risk losing her? Or will a human lifetime together be enough?


Come to the beautiful Italian island of Sorellina – where the magic will never let you go…

Billionaire Dario Denaro hasn't come to the Island of Sorellina to fall in love again. He's here to oversee the renovation of Villa Cristina, the most exclusive of the Denaro residences. And Elena Marcante, who's on the island to visit her ailing grandmother, certainly doesn't expect to run into the man who left her twenty years ago without a word of goodbye. But Cristina the cat has other ideas. Once the most noble Princess Cristina Denaro, she was cursed by her jealous lover, Bernardo Marcante, to live as a humble cat until a Denaro and a Marcante declare undying love. But after five hundred years and with the family feud still running deep, Cristina is desperate, while Bernardo's spirit lurks in the ruins of the old temple wracked with remorse for what he did to her.

Dario and Elena are no longer a pair of love-struck teens, but will they remember that magical summer they spent together? With hope of ever breaking the curse fading and with a few family secrets revealed along the way, Cristina is determined the medieval cathedral bells will finally ring out for the union of a Denaro and a Marcante.

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