Friday, 2 June 2017

A Month of Romance - Casper Graham

Welcome, my lovelies. Today I am lucky enough to be joined by the talented Albert Casper Graham, author of  ManLove Romance series, The Eternity Trilogy.

Author Bio:
I write because it's a passion. I write because I have stories to share with the world. I write because I need a creative outlet.

Sometimes, my head is filled with so many competing ideas and thoughts all at once that I simply have to put them all into words. I always have my smartphone with me, including shower time, because the muse hits me at unexpected moments and I don't want to lose the ideas later.

I've been dating a wonderfully supportive and loving man since January 2013, someone who is willing to accept my shortcomings, someone who is willing to tolerate my idiosyncrasies... The journey has been long and difficult, but we have our good moments. He has a love/hate relationship with the fact that I sometimes include a part of our stories in my books, but I enjoy writing "us" into the stories anyway.

I hope that you will all join me in my writing journey and get a glimpse into my life through my stories.

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Their LOVE STORIES may begin in different ways…
but they can only lead to one destination…
An ETERNITY of Happily Ever After

The Eternity Trilogy by Casper Graham

Book 1: A Bittersweet Beginning (M/M/M) a.k.a. The Cursed Box

David Wong never knew he is a clairvoyant—until the repetitive dreams he has turn out to be a soul mate link between him and Andreas Sanford, a powerful witch from an ancient lineage.

Andreas is captured by a power-hungry witch hell-bent on killing other witches to harvest their powers for himself. Meanwhile, Ryan Callaham, a vampire and David’s current soul mate, wants to give David the soul mate bite to cure the clairvoyant of the unknown genetic mutation in his blood.

After rescuing Andreas, the three men slowly learn what it means to love and to protect one another at all costs as the danger of the evil witch lurks around every corner.

But time is of the essence, because the murders of other witches continue. Will they survive the final battle intact? Will they mate with one another and live happily ever after for all eternity?

Book 2: An Unexpected Beginning (M/M/M/M/M/M) a.k.a. The Demonic Gift
~New Release - June 1st 2017~

Camden Young is a lonely incubus who has existed for more than fifteen centuries without a soul mate. He finally finds the right mate in Axel Christianson, a nephilim who has existed for more than twenty centuries. However, four werewolves, Patrick Tanner, Hayden Irwin, Ethan Decker, and Marcus Henderson, also want to claim him as their mate.

While the six men learn to get along with one another, they also have to contend with the appearance of Dahlia Brown, an evil witch who was blessed with a demonic gift centuries ago. The situation becomes more urgent when Dahlia somehow manages to kidnap a couple of powerful necromancers in a crazy bid for more power and revenge.

Can the six men somehow manage to find a way to get their happy ending while also ridding the world of Dahlia and saving innocent lives at the same time? Or will evil triumph over good?

Book 3: An Unlikely Beginning (M/M) a.k.a. The Possessed Daughter

Blurb (Unedited):
Alvin Zhu, an elemental, and Zachariah Wong, a mafia boss, try to save Lily, Zachariah’s daughter, from dying. Unlike Zachariah, Lily can’t shield herself from being possessed by spirits of the dead, who feast on her life energy.  

Alvin uses his elemental power to remove the spirits and defend Lily from them, but it seems futile. The number of spirits increases in spite of his protective shield around the residence. The condition also worsens after Linda, Lily’s mother, visits the house. Meanwhile, the two men’s feelings for each other grow stronger as time passes by while Lily grows weaker.

Alvin asks Camden, an incubus and an old friend, for advice and a permanent solution to Lily’s problem, but the incubus’s cryptic message is driving him crazy. Then, Lily disappears from the house. Can Zachariah and he find her in the nick of time? Can they solve Camden’s clue and resolve Lily’s problem once and for all?

Coming Soon! - July 5th 2017

The Eternity Trilogy:
The History/Inspirations behind the series

§  Similar to any other writers, I usually write stories based on things that I’m familiar with. I also enjoy including bits and pieces of my past in all of my stories.

§  This might be a little unusual, but I started the Eternity Trilogy with Book #3 back in November/December 2016. Initially, there was no such thing as “The Eternity Trilogy.” The Books were supposed to be released as standalone books. When I was about 25% done with Book #3, I got the idea for Book #2, so I began to write that instead. Then, I remembered a rough draft that I wrote back in October or November 2016, but it was a nonfiction piece. I opened that and read through it. I was hit by another idea, but I didn’t want to write the story at all. Just when I was getting rather frustrated, I found another rough draft, an almost autobiographical piece, that I wrote at the beginning of 2017. That was the story of how Book #1 came about. Essentially, Book #1 was a combination of two rough drafts, which I then expanded on. Book #2 was the only fresh idea out of the three books in the series. Book #3 was originally written for two different “Calls for Submission” on two different Fantasy/Science Fiction websites, but I ended up changing quite a large chunk of the original drafts.

§  Some of the things mentioned in all three books (Buddhism, Yoga, terminal illness, mysticism, psychic abilities, etc.) are bits and pieces of my life. Writing is a form of therapy for me. I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit this, but I cry when writing about certain things. Book #1 was very painful to write, but I managed to finish it faster than the time it took me to complete Book #3. Book #2 was the easiest and fastest to get done. Book #3 took me the longest to complete simply because it also contained a really huge portion of my real life in it. I debated internally for a very long time if I actually wanted to divulge so much of my real life in the book, but I eventually did that.

§  My bf admitted to me that he found it extremely difficult to read Book #1, especially the first chapter. He was with me through all my ups and downs since January 2013, so I could understand the reason behind his hesitance to continue reading the book. Nevertheless, he finished it.
§  The Characters in the series largely based on me...
David Wong from Book #1      
Zachariah Wong from Book #3

§  Inspired by my bf...
Ryan Callahan from Book #1

§  All the other Main Characters’ personalities are a combination of my bf and me.


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