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A Month of Romance - Cree Storm

Welcome, my darlings. Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing the talented Cree Storm, author of the Twelve Labors series.

Author Bio:
Cree Storm lives and works in Southern New Mexico. The only thing she loves more than reading about gorgeous men and love is writing about them. Spending time with her friends and family is very important to her. When she is not writing or spending time with the love of her life you can find her watching the Oregon Mountains with a nice hot cup of coffee and her laptop or on face book with her many friends.

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Hello Cree, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us, have you always wanted to be an author, and what inspired you to write? 
I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember. I took every type of English class you can think of, from standard courses to Creative writing. The library was my go to place in and out of school. My favorite thing to do was write term papers...hahaha...I know most kids hate it, but I absolutely LOVED the process. Thinking of a subject, researching everything I could find and then creating a document that others could read and learn from. As for what inspires me....heck, a dream can inspire me...but honestly just about any and everything. I see something and I create a story around it. From looking at a pond to catching frogs or just passing a field...I can see a story in anything.

Which genre do you prefer to write, and why? 
Male/Male...I love the free feeling I have to exude strength, yet tenderness. It is hard to explain, but I prefer to be almost a voyeur over a participant. When I read I am there...if I wrote about a female it is almost like I was that person and it isn't something I prefer to do. I have always been able to relate to men better...most of my friends were always men and is just what I enjoy writing.

What have you written to date?
Oh lord it's easier to talk series than it is to talk books. I have ten series out...TWELVE LABORS...Hercules, Perseus, Apollo, Iphicles, Poseidon, Hephaestus, Theseus, and Deimos. MYSTIC... Ryker's Aquamate, The Stolen Mate, The Tin Man's Heart, Rules For Mating, and Data Input. MYSTIC CANADA 1...Trust in His Mate. CAPULET...Damien's Past Mates, The magical Mating, Two for the Beta, A Trilling Moment, Butterfly Affection, and His Fluttering Heart. THE MATING GAMES....Quarterback Sack, Unnecessary Roughness, False Start, and Extra Point. MATING GAMES ON ICE...Power Play. HAVEN RANCH..Midnight madness, Blue Rey, Falling Sky. KALIL'S COVEN...Erik's Un Amor and on box set a short version of His Kitten has Claws. Then we cannot forget the wonderful collaboration I am doing with Maggie Walsh...ETERNAL FLAMES....Burning Desire, Rising from the Ashes, COurting the Phoenix, How to Claim your Dragon, A Higher Calling, Fear of Discovery, Phoenix Rising. ALSO...ETERNAL FLAMES MADDOX...Adding Fuel to the Flames, and A Bite to Remember.

Still a few titles there I've yet to read. I must get to it! Want to tell us about any future projects? 
I am currently working on a new series...D.O.A. this should be out this is a biker group with "Spirit Drragons" They don't shift into them they call on them to is going to be very different then what a shifter book normally is...I am really excited about this one. They are brought in to work on Serial murders, Arson, Theft...etc.... as well as another Anthology with another new series Defence Troopers...I also am working on the next of my MYSTIC, Haven Ranch, Mating Games on Ice, and a few other projects....always the mind works and if you don't write it you don't sleep...hahahaha

Do you have any unusual writing rituals? 
Not that I can think of..I mean I usually have CNN on or something else to bring in noise so I can focus doesn't usually work for me because I tend to stop writing and sing...hahaha...

Hehehe that's something I'd like to see! So, if you get writer’s block when you’re writing, how do you get around it? 
I back away and go do something fun...That could be going to the Cabin we have on my husband's property, going boating, or taking a small trip out of town. Sometimes if I switch projects and just read I might be able to click onto that story and things start flowing again as well..It just really all depends on why I'm blocked.

Does your nearest and dearest know what you write, and if so, what was their reaction when they found out? 
Absolutely! As a matter of fact, JP does all my Indy Covers. He also is my PA. My sister is not supportive, she says there is no money in what I do...However, I think she has finally figured out I have never been as happy as I am now. I laugh and smile and it is completely more faking the sons think it's funny and tells everyone what I do. They are 21 and 25. My youngest even helped me come up with weapons for my Defence Troopers series. The thing is I was a single mother and we are seriously close. They know all the sacrifices I made for them and they are just thrilled at how happy I am now and that I am living my dream. They are encouraging and loving with every aspect of it.

What kind of books do you enjoy reading in your free time, and who is your favourite author? 
OH WOW! Okay....I have to say that I have too many Authors I love to pick just one...but I would have to say Agatha Christy was one of my favourites growing up..I read anything and everything by her as I did Hardy Boys (I wasn't a big Nancy Drew fan), John Grisham, Stephan King, Penny Jordan, and then I was introduced to Stormy Glenn...OMG...LOVED HER BOOKS...then Lynn Hagen, and I can't get enough of Maggie Walsh...the thing is these three authors have so much feeling in their books...I mean I laugh, cry, get name it and I feel it...I love books that do that....Right now I don't get to read like I used to but I treat myself every now and then.

-nods- I am in agreement with you on a few those names. Okies! Tell us five things about yourself not many people would know.
1. I marched in the Rose Bowl Parade in 1981
2. As a young child had the pleasure of meeting and training, on horse racing, with Willy Shoemaker.
3. I was the lead in multiple Plays and musicals
4. I started working by the age of 8...(first job was cleaning horse stalls at Penn National Race track...kept score for Bowling tournaments, was a bat girl and Equipments Manager for All Army Sports)
5. I worked with people with disabilites for over 30 years before starting my writing career and even help create a bill with legislation to require training for all emergency and medical responders for people with disabilities.

What does Love mean to you?
Love is when your partner knows your flaws and accepts them without asking you to change. Love is waking up in the morning and laughing at something silly your partner does just as you open your eyes. Love is even when they are not in the room you think about something that you can do to put a smile on their face. Love is the small things (coffee brought to you first thing in the morning, cooling down a room before the other enters it so they won't be too hot, walking hand and hand together into a is being one with each other." Love is being able to cry and not feel guilty. Love is the intense feeling you get when you glance at your partner or just hear their voice...Love is acceptance of everything and anything you are. I have found that and I will be ever so grateful to the powers that be for feeling I deserved to find my true happiness.

Awe, that's the perfect answer, thankies. Final and most important question…. Chocolate or caramel??
CARAMEL! I lived next to Hershey PA and I can say smelling that for 11 years tends to turn you to anything BUT chocolate...hahahaha

-gasp- You live next to....yummmmmm. lol Anywho, thankies for chatting with me!!


Erik's Un Amor

Erik has known that Billy was his un amor since the day the man walked in for the editing job, four months ago. It has not been easy watching Billy walk in and out of the office and act as if the man was not destined to change Erik's life, but how do you tell a man, that is human, you are an enforcer for your vampire coven and he is your mate? Well, some things just can't be put off for long, especially when Erik discovers his mate had been placed in grave danger.

Billy loved his job, as an editor, for Romancing the Readers Publishers, until he made what he thought was the biggest discovery in his career. Telling his boss, their company’s most prize author, Dimitri, is a plagiarist was difficult, but not nearly as difficult as finding out that things really do go bump in the night and the plagiarist author was an evil vampire bent on destroying him.

Will Erik ever get to claim his un amor as his own, or will Billy run when he finds out that they are destined mates and Erik has every intention of sinking his fangs into him before Dimitri can?

Billy jerked back at the venomous way Erik had spoken to him. It kind of reminded him of the way Dimitri had a little over a month ago. A time Billy was still trying really hard to forget.

Not sleeping at night was really taking its toll on Billy. He almost regretted fighting Cory so hard about going home, but he had stayed there a week and knew he needed to get back to his life. Putting what happened with Dimitri behind him.

However, in the three weeks since Billy was home, every creak in the floor or groan of his place, had Billy on edge. It seemed like, whenever he tried closing his eyes, he would see Dimitri's glowing red ones and feel those nasty hands on his body.

Billy's had just started sleeping a couple of hours a night, when Erik approached him with another novel, by Dimitri. He was asked to edit it and get it back to the man quickly. The thought of touching anything that nasty beast had touched made Billy's stomach roll. However, he knew it was his job and he wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible.

When he had started reading the book, he had felt like it was déjà vu. Billy knew he had read this story once before, or at least something extremely similar. It was when he had come to the sex scenes that Billy knew exactly where he had seen this story before.

"Billy, I asked you a fucking question and I want an answer right now! Why were you with Dimitri? Is there something going on with you two? Are you fucking him?" Erik snapped.

"I would never..." Cory gasped as he backed quickly towards the door, "Erik, why are your eyes glowing red?  Wh...What's wrong with your teeth?"

Erik realized too late that he had vamped.  He could smell Billy's fear and immediately felt the need to comfort his mate.  The problem was that he was the one to cause his un amor's distress.

"Please Billy, let me explain." Erik beseeched, as he moved slowly towards his mate.

"Cory said I was delusional, but I knew what I saw was right!" Cory said in dismay.

"What the hell are you talking about? Knew you were right about what?" Erik asked.

"About vampires being real. I told Cory I saw Dimitri's eyes turn red, but he didn't believe me, Hell, he almost had me thinking I was crazy, but who's the crazy one now?" Cory said almost hysterically.

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Power Play

Welcome to the Mating Games on Ice

After discovering the nefarious actions of Councilman Troy, Ricky, Ian, and Joop, along with their mates and Councilman Eagan and his mate, are on a mission to stop Troy’s plans. To do that, they must attend The Winter Mating Games in Siberia.

Darby Sellers has always wanted to find his mate. Unfortunately, the summer games did not pan out for him. Overhearing the conversation about going to the winter games, Darby decides to hitch a ride, dragging his best friend, Jayden Donovan, along. 

Councilman Camden Krill was just learning about the abominations Troy was creating to take over as ruler of their world. While waiting to meet with Eagan and his friends he receives a call from a man with the most musical voice Krill had ever heard. While making their way to the mating game grounds, Eagan's men had been attacked, some were taken hostage, and the rest were dispersed into the Siberian lands.

Being the special shifter he was, Krill had little to fear. However, this night he feared a lot. He feared that those taken would be killed, or worse. He feared those left out in the freezing lands would perish. His biggest fear was that the little lady bug shifter with the lyrical voice would die before he ever got the chance to meet him in person and discover if fate had finally shined on him and brought him his true mate.

"The seat pulls back to the trunk, maybe I can slip inside?" Ian questioned.

Colby shook his head, "Baby, there's no room for you to move let alone turn around."

"I can do it." Darby volunteered.

Kahn and the others that heard him looked at Darby skeptically. The car rocked and everyone flopped left the right. Suddenly a large man with broad shoulders and long thick reddish brown hair called out, "Step out now or die."

"What do we do?" Joop whimpered hugging his mate closely.

Darby didn't stop to think. Seeing a small opening, Darby scurried into the small opening with Jaden following close behind, asking, "What are you doing, Darby?"

"We need to find that satellite phone, Jaden." Darby insisted as he took flight in the darkness.

"I'm looking. I'm looking." Jaden grumbled.

Darby felt the car shake and knew they were running out of time. "Damn it, we have to find──I found it! Jaden get in a crack, I need to shift."

Giving his friend a moment to get to safety, Darby looked around and for the first time thanked the Gods for making him four foot eleven and one hundred pounds soaking wet. Even with his small stature, he knew that his fit would be tight. That didn't matter, right now. What mattered was getting help to them as quickly as possible.

A light red smoke filled the trunk as Darby began his shift. Unlike the animal shifters, that reformed their bones, insects broke into particles looking like a fog of sorts their forms then readjusted and they were once again human. The same happened when they transferred into their bug identity. Picking up the phone, he struggled to see where to turn it on. "Jaden, come here and see if you can see the on switch."

Jaden came out of his crack and went to the phone, landing on a button, saying, "This one."

Darby quickly turned it on and then had no idea what to do. The car rocked harder and Darby felt it lift almost completely sideways before falling back on all four tires once more. The loud voice yelling, "Get out and face your fate!"

"Fuck you ass holes!" Ian yelled out.

"Ian please do not piss off the puppies. Their teeth will bite your dick off." Joop yelled out.

Darby thought quickly, then an idea came to him, "Jaden, can you see a redial button on this thing? I bet one of them called whoever they were going to meet."

"It was some guy named Krill." Jaden responded as he landed on another button, saying, "This is the one you're looking for."

Once Jaden moved, Darby hit the button and waited. Seconds later a deep rich baritone voice, that had Darby's cock coming to attention came on the line, "Krill here."

Darby tried to speak, but no words seemed to come out.

"Darby, I thought I heard someone answer?" Jaden whispered.

"Who is this?" Krill asked forcefully.

"Um──um Darby." Darby barely whispered.

"Darby? How did you get this number?" Krill asked with just as much force as before.

Darby croaked, "I hit redial."

A loud sigh came on the other end, "Tell me, are you one of the men I'm waiting for to come to the winter games."

"Not exactly." Darby murmured.

The sound of glass breaking jarred Darby out of his own mind and back on the task at hand, "I'm here with Derk, Kahn, and the others. A large pack of Caucasian Ovcharka along with some other breeds, detoured and set a trap. Colby accidently tossed the phone in the trunk and I made my way inside and now I'm calling because we need help."

Another glass broke and the sounds of a bear growl and roar of a large cat were heard. Darby snapped, "Jaden, go see what's going on out there."

"Jaden? Who's Jaden?" Krill asked,

"My friend." Darby answered and waited until he returned.

Jaden was flittering here and there, and Darby could tell things out there must be really bad. "What is it? What's going on?"

"Those beasts have Derk, Kahn, and Colby. I don't see Ricky, Ian, or Joop anywhere. Darby we're alone in the middle of Siberia, in who the fuck knows where, with no clothes, no way to survive out in that cold, and all the fuck alone!" Jaden replied fearfully.

"What is it? What's going on?" Krill yelled.

Bumping his elbow on a suitcase, Darby got an idea, "Those things took Derk, Kahn, and Colby for sure We don't know about Ricky, Ian, or Joop. My friend and I are going to go out there and follow their tracks."

"No, you are to stay where you are until my men and I can get to you, Darby." Krill ordered.

Darby snorted, "I don't think so. If we don't move now, those beasts will most likely kill them and I can't have that on my conscience."

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Midnight Madness

Midnight has always struggled to understand why his parents would leave him alone and defenseless in the woods as a newborn. Now a man insists he has the answers to what happened and a future planned for him beyond any reasonable man's dream. Walking into the room and seeing six of the largest sexiest beast he had ever laid eyes on and another cutie in the corner, surprised and piqued Midnight's interest.

Discovering the body of the man Law had always looked at as the father he never knew was a rough day. Finding out that the man was not who he said he was, was even harder. Now he is told that the only way he can keep his home and help his people is if he mates with not only one of the sexy men sitting across from him but also a man he has fought and argued with since the day he arrived on the Refuge/Ranch.

Shaw didn't know what the hell fate was thinking asking him to mate with Law and a young man he had never laid eyes on before. He didn't know if he could do it. Even after being told that the fate of all shifters and paranormals depended on him doing just that.

Then shots are fired, and people are fighting for their very lives. Can Law, Shaw, and Midnight come together as fate has deemed or will the shifter world cease to exist?

"Gentlemen you need to stand down!" Buckley announced as he walked into the room.

Midnight was trying hard not to freak out. The Tigon was looking at him as if he was going to pounce and eat him and the larger man beside him had eyes that told Midnight what he had planned for him if he could get his hands on him. Although Midnight might think the two were fucking gorgeous, that didn't mean he was willing to put out on first sight. Shit maybe some dinner and a movie or a nice walk in a park might help, but he had never had sex with anyone and wasn't about to start it off by having it with one man let alone two that he didn't even know.

When none of the large beasts moved, Buckley's eyes reddened and his voice changed to that of a horror movie character, "I said stand down!"

Midnight watched in shock as everyone of the lugs seemed to shake themselves out of their deadly trance and look at each other in confusion.

"What the fuck is going on?" Law snarled.

Mr. Buckley smiled as if he had not a care in the world, saying, "If you will all take your seats, I will be happy to explain."

Sky grabbed Midnights hand and started dragging him to the door, snapping, "Not just no but hell no! We are so fucking out of here I can feel the pavement touching my feet."

"Mr. Brook, if you will just give me a moment to explain." Buckley said calmly.

Midnight saw the fear in Sky's eyes that he was trying to hide behind the brave words, "No Mr. Buckley, we will not. There is nothing, and trust me I mean nothing, you can say that is going to change our minds. This night has been far more eventful than we had planned already. First we're kicked out of a piss home because a bitch stops getting paid by the state. Then you come along telling us that some long lost great father left us in his will and you need us to come so you can read the damn thing."


"What the fuck is he talking about?"

"The old man didn't have any kids and he damn sure never mentioned grand kids!"

Mr. Buckley held up his hand to quiet the room, "If you all would just sit and calm down I can explain."

Shaking his head, Sky snapped, "Maybe you didn't understand me when I spoke so let me say it so you do. Fuck off! Nigh and I have a life to start and this crazy ass shit is not helping."

"But Mr. Brook, Mr. Roth wants you and Mr. Star are prime beneficiaries in Mr. Roth's estate.  Mr. Roth wanted to make sure you were well cared for if he was not here to do it himself." Mr. Buckley explained.

Sky gave one of his fake smiles that really said kiss my ass, and said, "Well then you are lucky. You have enough people in this room to hold a séance and tell him we said thanks but no thanks."

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