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A Month of Romance - Jacqueline Anne

Welcome, my darlings. It's another day of romance, and today I’m very lucky to be joined by the scrumptious Jacqueline Anne, author of The Field Series.

Author Bio:
Jacqueline Anne is a pen name that embodies my “wild side.” When I write as Jacqueline Anne, you can fully expect that my inhibitions have been left at the door. I love to write about situations that get my fire burning. I want my books to help my readers escape the ordinary and get down (and dirty) to the extraordinary. My goal is to explore the windows into the souls of my characters that embody discovery, lust, trust, happiness and love all while entertaining to the fullest. There will be sweet moments, times of joy and tears and plenty of hot, steamy experiences. I want my books to be pathways to your erotic adventures.

I reside in Northeast Ohio with my family. I love to workout, read, watch movies, go to the beach and be adventurous. I also love shopping, dancing, wearing 4-inch heels and getting pampered. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. My life can attest to that. Work hard. Play hard. Live life to the fullest each and every day.

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Hello lovely lady, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Why don’t you start by telling us about why you were drawn to this genre?
Hello! Thank you for having me!
I love to read and write erotic romances because I truly believe love and sex are beautiful, amazing things.

I agree, they are beautiful things. Where do you find your inspiration? Day-dreams? Fantasies? Real life experiences?
All of the above :)  I do incorporate real life experiences into each book.

Oooh, and on that note, how do you do your research? Leave nothing out!!
I do a lot on the internet and delete my browser history rather often. Lol!
I also research different places when I travel.
Oh, and I have to give some credit to my love as well. I’m certain this won’t embarrass him. He’ll wear it like a badge of honour. ;)

Hehehe I never delete my history. Makes it easier to find things later. And don't feel bad for your love, I live for embarrassing mine! So, tell us a little about what have you written to date, and what are you working on at the minute?
My first series is the Sweet Lovers Series. These books helped me set my “Sweet & Steamy” motto.
Awakening the Willow’s Heart is about a strong, yet troubled, and rather promiscuous young woman who finds herself and finally love. In ways, it is a bit different seeing that SHE is the bad girl/player. She certainly has all kinds of fun! ;)
Make Me Forget is my novella. It is set in one of my favourite places. I absolutely love Montauk, NY. The beaches and town are beautiful!
My latest work is The Field Series. You will meet and fall in love with the Pittsburgh Buccaneers baseball team. I must say, I’m a sucker for athletes, so I had to write about some. ;) Field of Passion and Dreams, Field of Trust, and my latest release is Field of Change.
I am currently working on Field of Gratitude, Book 4 of The Field Series, and a special project which will be announced in a few months.
Overall, I really enjoy writing about strong heroines who are trying to overcome some sort of obstacle. As for the heroes, all the men definitely have a sweet side. And the sex? STEAMY!

I have to say, I enjoyed your Sweet Lovers series. Meow! What's your favourite love story, and can you quote us a favourite line from it?
I don’t really have a favourite story per se, but Jaci Burton’s Rough Riders series is really what made me fall in love with reading and eventually writing. Whenever I am doubting myself as a writer, and we all have those moments at times, I pick up those books and read them again.

Do you believe in love at first sight? *le sigh*
I know it has happened with many people. From my personal experience, it was more lust at first sight which fortunately lead to love.

Yeah, I'd have to agree there, it was the same for me and my hubby. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Mhmmm and no fudging, tell us the truth woman!
The way they carry themselves and their smile, and then their chest and ass. You have to have something to grab onto ;)

hehehe yes, I do love a peachy butt myself. If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?
All or Nothing.

Niiiice! Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours. Leave nothing out!
I chew a lot of gum while I am working at my desk, like almost a pack a day. I also drink a gallon of water a day. And yes, I pee all the time! Haha!

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?
Carpe Diem

What would you do if you were the last person on this earth?
Run around naked.

Hahaha what's to stop you now!?! And final question. This is life or death stuff here…. Caramel or Chocolate!?!
I prefer both together. Great, now I’m craving dark chocolate caramels with sea salt. But since you are making me choose, chocolate is my first pick.

-gasp- Good response! hehe and thank you for stopping by, it’s been fun!


Field of Passion and Dreams
Book 1 of The Field Series

Graham Grayson is a hard worker and all around gentlemen. His dream to play in the majors like his dad just came true. He was called up to be the catcher for the Pittsburgh Buccaneers. On the day of team photos, he meets photojournalist Jordan Michaela Roy.

Still grieving the loss of her dad, Jordan sets aside emotions and memories of her sports reporter father to find her passion again on the field as a sports photojournalist. While working spring training for Major League Baseball, she never anticipates passion igniting off the field, too.

Neither Graham nor Jordan can deny their explosive attraction or the happiness they feel being with each other. Their fathers’ past friendship has them wondering about destiny.

While they worry about the demands of their careers, traveling, and being in the public eye, nothing can prepare Graham for the devastating news that makes him question life, his dream, and love.

Will Graham realize his mistakes before it is too late?

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Field of Trust
Book 2 of The Field Series

Buccaneers’ pitcher Tyson Best is captivated by vibrant artist Cece Schmidt, and he is determined to uncover the mystery lurking in her eyes.

Cece knows her one-night rule will never be enough with Tyson. Frustrated with the hold her corrupted family still has over her, Cece can no longer ignore her feelings for Tyson, despite his high-profile career and the life she ran away from. After confessing partial truths about her past, Cece and Tyson begin their secret romance.

Tyson knows they have a strong connection and refuses to let someone special run out on him like his parents did years ago. In order to protect Cece, he seeks the whole truth about her past and in the process unveils crime and terror.

When Cece receives a threat from her uncle, she is desperate to end the fear once and for all—but first, she will have to play a dangerous game.

Will trust and love pull them through?

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Field of Change
Book 3 of The Field Series

Fiercely independent café owner Sophia Hudson successfully balances a thriving business with providing a loving home for her son, but when her one true love saunters back into her life, she can no longer guard the truth she hid for years.

Mike Rosen, professional shortstop and known playboy, has recently turned his life around. Arriving in his hometown to visit his sister, he walks into a café, floored to see the woman who broke his heart with a toddler-sized version of himself. Although hurt and angered by Sophia’s deceit, he’s determined to be part of both her and his son’s lives.

While still loving Mike, fear and doubt consume Sophia. Plagued by those uncertainties, she also struggles with Mike’s public life, unwilling to expose their son to it. The resulting emotional roller coaster barrels through love, passion, and pain as both Mike and Sophia accept something needs to change, but is either willing to sacrifice enough before it’s too late?

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, June 1st.

*Coming soon to third party sites.

She straightened up. “Actually, I own this place,” she stated with pride. She had worked hard to start a new life and was damn proud of herself.

“What happened in New York City?”

Impatient patrons began to grumble behind him. Sophia really didn’t have time to get reacquainted right now because she was already short-staffed.

She gestured for him to step aside to allow the next person to place their order. He followed her down the long counter until there was an opening.

She felt his eyes examine her. Her brown hair was still long and wavy just like the day she walked away from him, although it was braided today since she was at the café. She was curvier now. Things changed, but she was still healthy—firm in all the right places, soft in others. She knew a lot of girls who battled with their weight in the modeling industry, but she kept practicing healthy eating habits and exercised consistently while never overindulging.

When his eyes gaze traveled back up her body, she tried to mask the array of feelings rolling through her. Exhaustion made it hard—plain and simple. She needed to be strong and get him out of there.

Her bright green eyes met his dark, mysterious ones. “My life changed,” she responded.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her son walking toward her. She wished he would be distracted along the way, praying to God she could avoid a conversation she absolutely did not want to have—not now, not ever. She kept her eyes on Mike until little Ryan pulled on the hem of her shirt.

“My crayon broke,” he said with a pouty face.

Sophia crouched down and consoled her son while fetching him a new box of crayons from under the counter. Coloring was his favorite thing to do while Soph was working. She stocked up on coloring books and crayons from the dollar store, and he was a happy camper. He would even give the customers some of his artwork, making them beam with delight. She was truly blessed to have such an amazing child.

“Thanks, Mommy!”

Sophia stood up and nervously smiled, secretly praying Mike wouldn’t ask more questions. Mike was standing there with his mouth gaped opened, completely stunned. It was clear her prayers weren’t going to be answered this time.

“My reason for the change.” She gestured to her son and began wiping the counter, hoping he would take the hint and see she was busy working.

He continued to stand there in shock and she instinctively shook her head, warning him off. She didn’t want to do this now or ever. This wasn’t what she wanted. They were fine. Better than fine.

“How old is he?”

Oh God, it is happening.

Her heart was beating so hard it sounded like thunder pounding in her ears, but Mike stood still, holding his ground, as he not so patiently waited for her to answer.

After what felt like an eternity, she finally replied. “Three.”

The look on Mike’s face displayed a collection of emotions ranging from stunned to angry and everything in between. Her café definitely wasn’t the place, but apparently it was going to be the time, and there was nothing she could do about it.

She tugged on his arm and pulled him out the back door, trying to avoid a scene in front of her customers.

“How could you not tell me?” he spat.

“He’s not your responsibility, Mike. He’s mine,” she affirmed.

Sophia could play it off like he was someone else’s child just as she had been doing all this time. She had stayed off social media once she quit modeling. She knew it would raise a million questions, and she hadn’t been ready to answer them. She still wasn’t. Instead, she practically fell off the face of the earth for a while. She stayed with her mom in Arizona until she decided she wanted to raise Ryan near where she had grown up. It was a charming town with a good, small school system, much smaller than when she went there. Most of the people she knew throughout the years had gone elsewhere as the town quickly become a popular tourist spot. Like her mom, many folks cashed out during the booming real estate market.

Ever since she moved back, she quickly changed the subject about who Ryan’s father was anytime it came up, which wasn’t very often.

Her stomach rolled. No matter how many times she rehearsed this situation possibly happening, nothing could have prepared her for this moment. One look at Mike and her heart was aching all over again.

“And who else’s?” he asked with his arms crossed in front of him, displaying a stern expression of determination.

Her heart hurt so bad she didn’t answer. She couldn’t even look him in the eyes.

“Dammit, Soph. Just tell me,” Mike demanded. “Is he mine?”


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