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A Month of Romance - Kallysten

Welcome, my lovelies. Today I am joined by my girlcrush, the extremely talented, Kallysten, author of  my favourite series, On The Edge. 

Author Bio:
My most exciting accomplishment to date was to cross a few thousand miles and an ocean to pursue (and catch!) the love of my life. I have been writing for over fifteen years, and I’ve always enjoyed sharing my stories and listening to the readers’ reactions.

After playing with science fiction, short stories, poetry and fanfiction, I am now trying my hand, heart and words at romance novels and I am very excited to have my stories published as ebooks.

My first novels were published by Linden Bay Romance in 2005. The defunct Venus Press subsequently published a few of my short stories. Because so many of my stories are linked as series and part of the same universe, I decided it would make sense to have them all in the same place, which is why I decided to self-publish, first with Alinar then on my own. When I see calls for submissions that speak to my muse, I sometimes try for them, and was published this way by Samhain (Moonlust) and Torquere(Christmas Magic, The Thirteenth Halloween).

When I’m not writing – which isn’t all that often! – I devour books, work in my vegetables patch or at my real-life job, put small quilts together for friends, and try to exercise more. Where do I sign up for days that are 30 hours long?

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Thank you Amara for having me on your site today! I know you know all about the club On The Edge, but I'd like to tell your friends a little about it today if that's all right... Yes? Okay then! 

Welcome into my world... The city of Haventown, on the West Coast, is famous for being one of the most welcoming places for vampires in the United States, and the club On The Edge might be the best place in town for vampires and humans to mingle. 

Or at least, that’s the universe I set up when I wrote my first novel, CheckMate. In that book, the characters visited the club, and there was a mention of the owner and his vampire lovers. I didn’t know, when I wrote that line, that it’d be the trigger for an entire series! 

I started with a short erotic romance, On The Edge just to meet the owner (Brett) and his partners (Lisa and Leo). I gave them more adventures, too, to show how they met, how they worked out the dynamics between the three of them, and how their relationship evolved across the years. But I liked the setting of the club so much that I wrote about other couples who met there, and so far it's always been a vampire male and a human woman. 

I love exploring the dynamic that fangs add to a couple. I wrote short stories that take place in the club (Dare I and Forget Ever After), a novel (Forever Starts Now), even a series within the series (Out of the Box and its sequels)! One fun part has always been to give peeks of Brett, Lisa and Leo in the background, or sometimes even to give them larger roles in other characters' stories. 

Something else that I enjoy is that, even though the first On The Edge story was released 10 years ago, the club is still open in my mind, and new characters still get to meet there every so often.

It's the case with the novella I'm releasing today, Maybe Another Time...

Sometimes, vampires are not the bad guys...

After a century and a half, Lucien has no illusions about vampires being treated fairly by humans. All he hopes for is to find willing prey to feed from without having to kill—and occasional company to break the monotony of lonely nights. A large scar, however, a frightening souvenir from his siring, scares away many humans, and more often than not he gets kicked out of blood bars and dance clubs for little more than his appearance.

When a new club opens in town that is touted as a meeting place for vampires and humans, he reluctantly gives it a try. On his first night there, he is pleasantly surprised… until the young woman with whom he shares a glass of wine and pleasant conversation at the bar realizes what he is.

If Zoe had had her wish, the bachelorette party for her best friend would have taken place anywhere but at On The Edge—anywhere vampires are not welcomed so openly. Unlike the rest of the bridal party, Zoe has a healthy wariness of vampires... Or could it be more than wariness, and less than healthy?

Every aspect of her life seems governed by patterns she can’t overcome, from the way she yields in conflicts to her inability to believe anyone might be interested in her extra curves. Could changing one thing—her fear of vampires—be the one small step that starts her on a new life journey?

Excerpt from Maybe Another Time

She squeezed Joan’s hand on her arm to get her attention and said, “I need to talk to someone for a moment. I’ll join you on the dance floor in a few minutes, all right?” 

Joan gave her a questioning look but merely nodded, and the three of them went on down the last staircase while Zoe took a deep breath, steeled herself, and crossed the catwalk to go stand near Lucien. He didn’t turn toward her and continued to look down at the crowd, but she was sure he knew she was there. Something in the way he leaned against the railing changed, his posture stiffening slightly, becoming more rigid. She cleared her throat, grabbed the railing with one hand to stop herself from turning away, and said his name, speaking loudly. With the music blaring on the dance floor and her reluctance to get too close, she figured she’d have to speak up for him to hear her—or would his better-than-human hearing compensate for that? But if he had better hearing than she did, how could he stand there and look so comfortable when the music was so loud? Didn’t it hurt his ears or give him a headache? It was almost too loud for her and— It took the snapping of his fingers in front of her to pull Zoe from the mental loop she’d let herself be drawn into, focusing on some random detail when she was uncomfortable with what she needed to do. 

“I said,” Lucien asked when she finally made eye contact with him, “how do you know my name?” 

Her hand tightened on the railing. She’d meant to ask him a question, listen to his answer and leave, nothing more. But answering his question first couldn’t be so bad. She could do this. She was safe, in plain view of everyone, and Lisa had mentioned the security staff. Yes, perfectly safe. “Lisa told me. I meant to ask—” 

“Lisa?” he interrupted her, his eyebrows rising. “Why were you talking to Lisa about me?” His features darkened and he looked around, suddenly wary. “Should I expect to be thrown out of here any minute now because I committed the crime of offering you a drink?” At first, she thought he was making fun of her, but his wariness was real. He was worried about being kicked out—though he looked more resigned than upset. 

“What? No, no, I was just… She saw us at the bar, and I…” She shook her head once and tried to get back on track. She wanted to know one thing, and then she’d leave him alone. “Just tell me. Why did you offer me that drink?” He gave her a nonplussed look. 

“Because you were about to order wine and so was I.” 

She shook her head again. “But you already knew I want nothing to do with vampires. Did you think you’d make me change my mind? Were you going to… to enthrall me, or something?” Now, his expression turned a little amused. 

“Right, I was going to thrall you in the middle of a busy bar, where everyone could see, and make you offer me your neck with pleas to bite you.” He sighed. “Zoe, a pretty girl sat next to me at a bar. She wanted a drink. I bought her one. What else is there to explain?” 

For a second or two, she wondered why he was bringing up this other girl when she was asking why he’d bought her a drink—and then it dawned on her. He was talking about her. He was calling her pretty. 

“You’re doing it again,” she accused, pointing a finger at him. “You’re being nice, trying to trick me into… into…” 

They’d somehow come closer as they talked to hear each other better, and her index ended up brushing against his chest. Her voice trailed off when she realized what she was doing and she snatched back her hand, her cheeks warming up suddenly. 

“How am I being nice? You’re asking me why I bought you a drink, I’m telling you why. That’s all.”

She searched his features, looking for the clue, the giveaway that he was making fun of her, but she saw none of that, merely confusion that she was still questioning him, and it confused her in return.

With a muttered, “I’m sorry,” she started to turn away. She didn’t know what she’d expected him to say, or even what she’d wanted him to say. She didn’t know either why she found it so hard to believe him. 

Before she’d taken more than a step or two, he said her name and she had to look back. 

“You lost your bet,” he said with that same half-smile as when he’d told her he was a vampire. “You said none of your friends would come back with a vampire, but one of them brought Lisa to the table. You owe me a drink.” 

It wasn’t a demand she could hear in his voice, not even an expectation. It was merely gentle teasing; the offer of a joke, one they could laugh at together. She made herself return his smile. She wasn’t up to another drink with him, but a smile and a joke… she could do that much if she tried. 

“Maybe another time.”


If you'd like to know more about the club, its owners and customers, I invite you to pick up a copy of the first one, On The Edge (It's free!), or the latest standalone, Maybe Another Time

I also have 2 box sets that gather multiple stories at discounted prices, Life On The Edge and Anando's Journey.

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