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A Month of Romance - Mardi Maxwell

Welcome, darlings. Today I’m very lucky to be joined by the amazing Mardi Maxwell, author of The Doms of Club Mystique series. 

Author Bio:
My name is Mardi Maxwell. I’m a dreamer, a romantic and since the age of sixteen an avid reader of romance. I began writing short stories in high school but it wasn’t until I took several creative writing classes in college that I discovered how much I truly enjoy the writing process. I love researching an idea, creating an imaginary setting, populating it with characters and then telling their story.

Life (marriage, children, and a career) kept me busy and on the run for a couple decades. Now, with my children busy with their own lives, I’m able to write every day. I also make time to read every day even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time. Which means I’m never, ever without my eBook.

The romances I enjoy the most have laughter, tears, hot lovers who overcome obstacles to be together, pant inducing sex scenes, and happy endings. The only book I’ll read where the main character dies is a vampire novel where they get to come back and have an eternal happy ending. 

When I’m not writing I enjoy gardening (unsuccessfully), spending time with my family, talking my friends into trying something new and adventurous, traveling, and dreaming about my next book.

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Hello, and thank you for agreeing to this interview. Why don’t you start by telling us about why you were drawn to this genre? 
I began reading romance when I was a teenager (Harlequin and Harlequin Presents). A friend at work recommended several authors to me…Cherise Sinclair, Lora Leigh, Sophie Oak, and Laurann Dohner when I bought a Kindle. I downloaded their books and from then on I was hooked. I like the heroes and reading erotica whether its BDSM or shifters.

Where do you find your inspiration? Day-dreams? Fantasies? Real life experiences?
All three and more. Just about anything can spark my imagination. I usually get my best ideas when I’m driving and see something or hear a song that sparks an idea. From that beginning I expand the idea to the characters, location, conflict, and so on.

And on that note, how do you do your research? Leave nothing out!!
I do hours and hours (actually days) of research using the internet and especially Youtube videos. Its so much easier to watch a video and learn than to read multiple long articles. I find a lot of information on Wikipedia and I also ask other writers for information. At this time I’m getting ready to visit a local shop to learn about weapons. I’ve been told that they love to talk about them so I’m hoping to learn a lot.

I do that too, depending on what it is I need the inspiration for. Youtube does come in handy. Tell us a little about what have you written to date, and what are you working on at the minute?
At this time, I’m finishing a book for Siren Publishing in The Doms of Club Mystique series. Its book 7 and Thor and Marisol’s story, Her Viking Dom. I can’t write the book until I have a mockup of the cover with the right photo of the hero and heroine. I knew what I wanted Marisol to look like and I found her but you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find my image of Thor! After years of searching I finally found him and now I’m finishing the book. 

I’m also working on a steamy Zarronian Warrior novel, Rolf’s Bondmate. The cover for it is already done by my amazing cover artist, Harris Channing. Its really beautiful and exactly what I envisioned.

What's your favourite love story, and can you quote us a favourite line from it?
Movie: On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (its about a woman who goes to a therapist to be hypnotized to stop smoking and he discovers she’s lived past lives. Its romantic but very funny as well. There are two quotes I love:

Daisy Gamble: They're geraniums... any minute now. 
Dr. Conrad Fuller: Oh? 
Dr. Marc Chabot: Miss Gamble says that she can make flowers grow faster. 
Dr. Conrad Fuller: Faster than what, Miss Gamble? 
Daisy Gamble: Well, you know, *faster*. Um, I mean, my friend Muriel and I, we plant our seeds on the same day and, uh, I don't know, my flowers come charging out of the pot as if the police were after them and... poor Muriel. 
Dr. Conrad Fuller: Do you ever talk to your flowers, Miss Gamble? 
Daisy Gamble: Talk to them? What do you think I am? Crazy? 
Dr. Conrad Fuller: Do you? 
Daisy Gamble: You don't think I should?


At the end of the movie:
When Daisy returns for a final meeting with Marc Chabot she mentions fourteen additional lives, including her forthcoming birth as Laura and subsequent marriage to the therapist in the year 2038. Then she says, “See you later Doc.”

I've never seen that, I must check it out! Do you believe in love at first sight? *le sigh*
I’m not sure as I’ve never experienced it. I’ve experienced “lust at first sight” and that ended badly. I believe in marrying your best friend who you love and then falling in love with him. Since I’m single I’m holding out hope that my “love at first sight” will still come along – as long as its mutual. 

And with that, what does Love mean to you?
There are so many kinds of love. Love for family. Love for a child. Love for a grandchild. Love for a friend. I wish there was another word for love for a lover / partner. Some way of making it special and in a category of its own. 

What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Mhmmm and no fudging, tell us the truth woman! 
Looks of course because let’s face it some men are just beautiful works of art but looks don’t last for me. I an extremely attracted to intelligence as long as the man isn’t arrogant. I love a man with the ability to converse on any subject. You have to stimulate my brain before you can get my body’s attention. 

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it? 
Embrace the Journey

Ooh, nice. I like that answer. Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours. Leave nothing out!
  • I love to talk but I jump from one subject to the next without warning. My sisters and my friends can follow me most of the time. 
  • I removed the closet doors in my house to keep monsters from hiding in them. 
  • I don’t have mirrors in my house because I believe they’re doorways to parallel universes and in fact once hung a mirror backwards on a small dormer attic door so nothing could come through. My brothers convinced me when I was nine that a man with an axe lived in our attic. I never looked in that attic.
  • I’ve never looked in the attic in my house. I believe in ghosts and I’ve had crazy moments of precognition. I recognize them because they’re not like thinking something but more like “knowing” something. When they happen they feel different than just a thought.
  • I love to swim but won’t swim in a lake, river, or the ocean. Only pools where I can see if anything with sharp teeth is in there.  

And final question. This is life or death stuff here…. Caramel or Chocolate!?!
How on earth could anyone choose? But, I’d have to go with chocolate. The really expensive good kind. 

Right Answer!! Thank you for stopping by, it’s been fun ;)


~The Doms of Club Mystique~

Series Blurbs:
In To Love and Obey, Addison Mathews claimed Cade Ramsey at a young age, and since then he has been the only man she has ever loved. Cade is a Dom that believes love can’t be trusted, though he gives up his former lifestyle to marry Addison. As Addison discovers Cade’s secrets, their relationship is strained, but just as they are working things out, an old enemy of Cade’s attempts to take his revenge on Addison. Cade must fight to save her and their future.

In Jackson’s Sub, Jackson Ramsey and Jenna Parnelle spend a passionate night together, but a misunderstanding disrupts what might be love. A year later, Jenna finds herself dreading their reencounter as she helps her friend Addison prepare to marry Jackson’s brother. Jackson has learned he could never hurt the only woman he has ever loved, but he knows he must convince Jenna to uncover her guarded heart. Can the determined Dom persuade the stubborn submissive?

In Their Temporary Sub, Logan Ramsey knows Cassie Edwards is the one woman who could satisfy both him and his twin brother Luc, but Luc doesn’t trust the secretive beauty. Cassie blames herself for her father’s death and keeps her distance from loved ones to protect them. As her attraction to them grows, she must decide if she can be their temporary sub without endangering them. All bets are off when the twins discover her secrets and swear to protect her from the men who killed her father.


  1. Thanks so much for interviewing Mardi! I have been a reader fan since the first Doms of Club Mystique, To Love and Obey, and can't wait for Thor and Marisol's story.

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