Thursday, 29 June 2017

A Month of Romance - TL Reeve & Michele Ryan

Welcome darlings. Today I have the pleasure of being re-joined by the talented TL Reeve, who has brought along her equally talented writing partner, Michele Ryan. These ladies have an array of amazing books together, and today they are going to talk about their latest release, On The Hunt.   

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Good morning everyone! Michele and I are grateful to be here. We would like to share with you our upcoming release, On the Hunt. (7-5-17) We started this series as a way to delve into cold cases and see what we could drum up. Some of these cases have been around hundreds of years and some are more recent. We open the series with the hunt for Jack the Ripper then D.B. Cooper. All of these cases are personal favorites of mine and Michele’s, including the Black Dahlia. So, we hope you enjoy them and you keep coming back for more!

As a side note; these are Julian, Theo, Piper, and Heath’s adventures. The main characters will stay the same throughout the series. 

Title: On the Hunt
Series: The Travelers, book 1
Genre: FMMM – Reverse Harem
Authors: TL Reeve and Michele Ryan

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Julian Rienhard and Theodore Graham are in over their heads with their team mate, Piper. The intelligent woman drives them insane, while also challenging them scientifically. Julian realizes there is something different about their relationship, and he’s willing to accept it, as long as his best friend Theo does as well. But the stubborn, aggravating woman doesn’t know the meaning of wait.

Piper Thomas is tired of waiting. Half in love with her three team mates, she isn’t sure how to approach them, feeling the constant need to prove herself. So, when the White Chapel case is given to the team, she takes matters into her own hands and goes in search of the infamous killer, Jack the Ripper. 

Heath Jacobs, their resident crime writer, hits them with the worst news possible with an article dated for the same day Piper returned to the heart of London. Piper is dead. Now, it’s a race against the clock to find her and stop her death. 

Will they be able to get to her in time and confess their attraction for her, or will Theo follow in his father’s footsteps and be too late?

November 9th, 1888
Piper adjusted the skirt on her dress and groaned. What she wouldn’t give for a pair of trousers right about now. It would give her the ability to move without tripping over the yards of material covering her body. She stuck her finger into the collar of her bodice and tugged, grimacing as she pulled the abrasive fabric away from her neck.

Why am I doing this again?

From the time she’d been a little girl and saw her first special on Jack the Ripper, she’d been hooked. She had so many unanswered questions, and this major unsolved case had been the reason she went into forensic pathology. She loved her job. Broke some of the most unbreakable cases. However, before DHS came to her, the job began to lose its luster. Rapes, murders, missing people, sometimes the dregs of life could drag her down into a darkness she’d not been prepared for.

When Homeland Security came to her, she jumped at the chance. Solving unsolved mysteries got her heart pumping and sent her mind racing. There were literally thousands of different cases she could work on with her new team and never get bored, and never return to the pit of despair she’d been in.

However, the work, though fun, wasn’t easy. Even when she’d been spot on with her assessments for the three prior cases, they hadn’t been able to implement their methods effectively. For weeks, she poured over everything, trying to figure out what went wrong. Then their superiors brought her the Ripper case, for one more chance to get it right.

She dove in with both hands, greedy for the information, reading the case file multiple times, examined the evidence and dissected the testimonials of the witnesses—which was why she stood on the corner of Miller’s Court staring at a ramshackle apartment building.

In one of the overlooked reports, a scarf was said to have been found on Commercial Street, not even a stone’s throw from the tenement where Mary Kelly lived. According to one of the incomplete evidence reports, there were two samples retrieved from the article of clothing. One matched Mary, and the other had come back as not being hers. The technology, though new, had done its job. Unfortunately, from the time the White Chapel police took it into their custody to 2017, it’d been lost. One hundred and thirty plus years is a long time to be caring for evidence.

Her only hope had been to use the amulet, find the scarf, and run her own DNA tests. At least with the examinations she could perform, she could narrow the search down and at least solve the biggest part of the mystery—was the Ripper male or female? In the long run, she also hoped to present the name of the killer as well.

In her estimation, the suspect was female. The era might be different, but some things stayed the same. If a woman didn’t know a man, she didn’t willingly accept his invitation to go anywhere with him. These women, in her evaluations, knew their killer. Were probably friends with this person and never thought they’d be next. When she took possession of the case, she’d practically wore a hole in her floor as she paced while going over different scenarios of how these attacks and subsequent deaths took place.

Her opinion didn’t sit well with most theorists. In fact, the community was so sure the Ripper was a man, they denounced a 2006 study deducing the killer’s identity. Dr. Ian Findley did a series of DNA tests from the swabs used on the envelopes supposedly sent by the Ripper. In his writings, he traced the DNA back to Mary Pearcey, a woman convicted of killing of her husband’s mistress.

When she presented this evidence to Heath and Theo, they’d told her to wait. They wanted to go over it step-by-step and make sure she had all her T’s crossed and I’s dotted. Julian had his own issues with her decisions. He assessed she’d been too close to the case and perhaps before she made the choice to go back in time, she should wait.

Fat chance.

She knew what she had to do, and now, standing in the shadows, waiting for everything to unfold in front of her, she knew she made the right decision—minus the ridiculous clothes.

As the sun slipped below the horizon, the tone of the street traffic changed. Ladies of the night stood on street corners, while unsavory characters roamed the roads waiting for some unsuspecting drunkard to pickpocket. The smells were overwhelming. Between the scent of human waste and the smell of food cooking, she didn’t know if she wanted to gag on it all or feel hungry.

Instead of thinking about her stomach, she focused on her research. No one had seen Mary Kelly return with her suitor for the evening, nor had they heard any screams. The fact no one heard her cry for help also corroborated with Dr. Ian Findley’s assessments. Mary knew her killer. Probably trusted them too. Piper pulled her timepiece from the bodice pocket and sighed. Only six p.m. Maybe she should have waited for the guys after all.