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A Month of Romance - TL Reeve

Welcome, my darlings. Today I am joined by the talented TL Reeve, author of Paranormal and BDSM Erotic Romance.

Author Bio:
TL Reeve, a mulit-published author with Decadent Publishing, Cobblestone Press, and Evernight Publishing, was born out of a love of family and a bond that became unbreakable. Living in the south, TL misses Los Angeles and will one day return to the beaches of Southern California to ride the waves at Huntington Beach. When not writing something hot and sexy, TL can be found curled up with a good book, or working on homework with a cute little pixie.

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What is Romance?

Romance comes in many different forms. I’m learning that as I grow as a writer and a reader. In fact, many subgenres I have read years ago, are popular now. For instance; Reverse Harem.

Reverse Harem is several men for one woman. Think Colter’s Wife, or the The Virgin Series by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake. We have been reading those for years and we’d all grown accustomed to calling the ménage. However, in Japan, specifically with manga comics, this is truly a popular genre.

But, I digress. What is romance to me?

I guess it’s a bunch of things, more specifically it’s about the relationship in general than the love. I mean, let’s face it, love helps, but what leads to that love can make or break a relationship. So, when I write, I like building up to it, slowly.

Specifically, in Jupiter’s Shadow I show the guys being themselves. Each one has a reason to be there with Jupiter, but they don’t use those facts to an advantage. They don’t necessarily push her along, they try to ease her into choose. However, #whychoose?

Yes, it would make their lives so much easier if she picked one wolf over the other, yet you can’t deny a forming bond. She really can’t choose and it pisses her off. It’s like putting her between a rock and a hard place. And, even when does try to choose, it breaks her heart. She can’t do it.

So, back to the question: What is romance to me?

It’s knowing that your partner can do everything in the world for you, or nothing at all, and they still have your back. They’re still the one you can turn to when you need them most. Gifts are material. Words are forever. If you want to make a relationship work, remember it’s the little things that count and what you do when things get rough.

So, what’s your definition of romance? Leave me a comment below and one lucky commenter will receive a copy of Jupiter’s Shadow.

Until next time!
~ TL

~New Release~

Jupiter “Pip” Baldwin, isn’t ready to settle down and produce heirs for the Sequatchie Pack. As the Alpha’s daughter and only child, she is destined to continue his bloodline, while allowing her mate to lead the pack—an archaic rule of the collective Smoky Mountain Wolves packs.

On her thirty-second birthday, five men will be presented to her for choosing. It’s not about love in her pack. It’s about power. When each man reveals who they are, and what they’re capable, Jupiter finds herself in over her head.

Will she be able to narrow down her choices, to the perfect “match,” or will Jupiter find she can’t let any of them go?

Change is coming to the Sequatchie pack, and Jupiter must blaze the trail…

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