Saturday, 1 July 2017

ManLove Fantasies Summer Contest


The summer is here and it’s sizzling hot and we’re just burning up with ideas. I've given our authors one requirement this time. Their stories must involve a wedding with at least one character being a shifter. Let’s see how creative our ManLove authors can be…

Our contest will run the entire month of July. Enter to win our grand prize, a Kindle Fire HD loaded with MM stories. So, come back every day and leave a comment along with your email addy (failure to leave an email disqualifies you). Each day a new winner will be chosen. At the end of the month, ALL comments (with emails) will be entered to win our grand prize (even if you already won one of our gift certificates, you will still be entered).

Rules of the Contest:
  • You may enter once per day, but only once per day. Each day the contest runs from 12:01am (PST) to 11:59pm (PST). Once that day has ended, no further entries may be added for that day. You must wait for the next day to enter again.
  • To enter every day, you MUST comment every day, on that given day. Any entries added after the 11:59pm (PST) cutoff time will not be entered.
  • You MUST leave your email address in your comment or we will have no way to contact you if you win. Any comments left without an email will not be considered.
  • Once the contest has started, leave your comment on that author's page to be counted each day.

Participating Authors
1. Intro
2. Stormy Glenn
3. Bronwyn Heeley 
4. Bellann Summer 
5. Genevieve Wolf 
6. Evelise Archer
7. Jane Wallace-Knight 
9. Lilybeth Zefram
10. Maggie Walsh 
11. Ariel Halford 
12. Lei Carol
13. AJ Llewellyn 
14. E.a. Reynolds 
15. Cree Storm 
16. Amara Lebel 
17. Dani Gray 
18. Lisa Oliver 
19. Jess Buffett & Tamsin Baker
20. Aeryn Jaden
21. Dani Gray pt.2
22. Maggie Walsh pt.2
23. Ariel Halford pt.2
24. Lisa Oliver
25. Cree Storm pt.2
26. Ezra Dawn
27. Lisa Oliver pt.2
28. Terry Poole 
29. Maggie Walsh pt.3 
30. Cree Storm pt. 3 
31. -----

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